IGS-PANDANET IGS-PANDANET Toyota Tour Tournoi de Paris 2006
Toyota Tour
Académie des Jeux
Mairie du 13ème

April 15, 16, 17 2005

How to preregister
  • If you do not live in France, send the form below before April 09th 2006. The final registration will take place april 15th before the tournament (from 10:00 to 13:00).
  • If you live in France, you must be a FFG member. You must send the form before april 08th, and send a check to the FFG to :

    Astrid Gaultier - FFG
    23 rue Keller

    75011 Paris

  • Players living in France must be members of the FFG.
    It will not be possible to buy FFG membership onsite.

If you did not preregister before april 09th, you will have to register onsite saturday april 15th before 12:00 (sharp). This is compulsory for us to comply with Toyota Pandanet rules.
For the same reasons, players of the top groups must preregister.

Registration fees
  • 25 € before april 09th 2005
  • 35 € on site 
  • 15 € for players under 18 or weaker than 10k  (+10 € on site)
  • réduction de Discount for eastern Europe players (to be confirmed by EGF)

Preregistration Form

Preregistrations are closed

Toyota Tour